Testimonial from the Hernandez Family


"Antonia Hernandez age 80. Left to right, Rosie, Tricia, Terry, and Minerva ....all Brownsville ISD teachers who credit B12 spray, vitamin D, zinc, and electrolyte supplements for COVID 19 miracle recovery. Grandma is walking now....but uses a wheelchair if we are taking her out in case she tires. Hernandez Family in Brownsville. All survived COVID19 infection. All cleared from CDC as survivors. Thanks to Dr. Miranda’s supplements which Mr. Ambrose Hernandez took to his 90-year-old mother who was sent home from Brownsville Medical Center to die on hospice care. The prognosis was she was not going to make it through the night. Funeral preparations were made by the family. Slowly she gained strength through supplementation and has just got her certificate from the CDC and hospice that she is cleared. She is making a full recovery and is up and thriving again. She and the sister in laws all thank Sr Miranda for all the supplements ....together w the medications from her doctor....that helped her come back to life. Her favorites are the B12 spray and especially the electrolytes that have eliminated her leg cramps. The sisters are all teachers in Brownsville. They don’t even know where they caught the virus. But they all got infected even though they washed hands and sanitized everything every day. They say they are still very cautious and don’t take visitors because of grandmas safety. Grandma said That in her deep sleep during the worst of her COVID 19 near-death episode, God told her she still had work to do. We have 3 doctors and a pharmacist in the Hernandez family. 2 doctors in Amarillo, 1 in El Paso, and a pharmacist in Tennessee. So it was a group effort w doctors on conference calls during her hospital stay. And she as sent home to die. But......God is greater! She was put on the treatment plan for COVID that Trump talks about. The malaria drug w amoxicillin and heavy zinc dosage. All of them were treated w the same drugs. And the supplements. One of the sisters just survived radiation treatment for stage 4 cancer of the breast and she had been on zinc and vitamin C and B12 for about 3 years faithfully. She got the COVID the lightest. Hardly any symptoms."

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